Recommended by players, coaches, and spectators world-over,

Rugby Bricks provides world-class products and education in rugby.

Our kit inspires people to work smarter and learn faster.


Innovation lies at the heart of creating our rugby products and content.

We're committed to the best technology, design, and expertise for

building dreams on and off the pitch.


Rugby Bricks was founded in 2017 in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Transforming the game, and trusted by many.


The obsession to be better than your best starts here.

'Outwork & Outlearn' is our North Star.

For those who are willing to put in the work, sometimes that isn’t enough. You need to be able to learn where best to apply the work you’re putting in.

If you’re a lifelong learner on and off the pitch, you’ll go further than those who are only going to put in the work.

One step at a time. One brick at a time.


We've got an incredible team who create inspiring content and rugby programs, as well as heading e-commerce and operations.

If you want to join the team, feel free to send an email to joe@rugbybricks.com with the subject line "Hire Me", and we will let you know if we have a suitable position for you.


Players call him, "Pistol". We call him PB.

But he answers to anything rugby!

Peter has been a former ITM Rugby player for Otago and Northland. A coach for elite teams like Melbourne Storm and Cadbury Wallaroos. He has guided several world-renowned rugby players like Aaron Smith and Ryan Papenhuyzen.

At Rugby Bricks, he shares his knowledge of the game, attracting 10 million views online.

Not only is he our founder, but he has designed every kicking tee from scratch.

Thanks to him, all our products and programs contain extraordinary expertise, that you may not find elsewhere.

Talk to a real visionary?

Email peter@rugbybricks.com


Kale's experience in the business world and on the rugby field means his position at Rugby Bricks is pivotal.

He played premium rugby for Harbour in Dunedin. Today, you will see Kale steering the Rugby Bricks team with operations and scaling.

His marketing agency, K&J Growth, also works with major corporations like TikTok, Universal, Monster Energy and more.

Merging his sales and sports expertise, Kale provides significant growth hacks for us.

Reach out to kale@kpanoho.com to learn more about him.


Zara is the CCO of Rugby Bricks and has held the CEO and COO titles while on the Rugby Bricks team.

Her rich background in sports retail, product, and management for global sports brands like Stirling Sports, Nike, Adidas, and New Era has shaped her creative and innovative approach to leadership.

Zar is also a mother of three, and deeply involved in sports. She volunteers her time at her Rugby League communities alongside mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs from the Pacific Youth.

All of this has helped Rugby Bricks reach new heights. Her careful eye on all commercial elements of our business has helped with growth.