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Chloe Dalton is a triple sport professional athlete, having played in the WNBL for the Sydney Flames, won an Olympic gold medal with the Australian Rugby Sevens and transitioned to AFLW where she currently plays with the Carlton Blues.

Chloe represented Australia in rugby sevens and made her debut at the 2014 Dubai Women's Sevens being a part of the 2016 Rio team that won gold we get to learn the lessons of what it looks like to reach the pinnacle of sporting achievement.

On top of Chloe's colossal sporting achievements, you're going to learn what it takes to become a dual athlete in the fields of AFL & Sevens, the training it takes to become an Olympian while holding down a full-time job and understand what it takes to change the narrative around the women's game.

If you're a multi-sport athlete who is wanting to become an olympian, create change with the things you care about, the goals and regimes needed to excel at the top this episode gives you everything you need.

Chloe is a massive advocate for multiple causes and here are some of the causes she wants to bring to the attention of the rugby community here at Rugby Bricks: 

Our Watch
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ourwatch/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OurWatchAus

Carlton Respects
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carltonrespects/

YiaYia Next Door
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yiayianextdoor/

If you want to follow Chloe personally you can find her here: 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChloeDalton7s

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The team at the Recovery Lab is offering 50% off of your first session all you need to do is to head over to their website: https://www.recovery-lab.com.au/ you'll see Chloe and other top athletes throughout Melbourne sauntering around getting their R&R in before hitting another big session. 


(0:28) Australian Women’s Sevens Olympic Gold Medal


(1:18) (13:02) Carlton FC, Melbourne AFL Club 


(1:44) (13:44) MCG - Melbourne Cricket Ground, Wikipedia, Official Website 


(1:54) Analysis of AFL Kicking 


(2:41) (9:29) Sydney Uni Flames, Basketball Team


(3:09) Episode Sponsor - The Recovery Lab


(6:16) Melbourne Rebels, Rugby Club


(7:51) Rugby Bricks Kicking Tees


(8:18) (25:06) Cobie-Jane Morgan, Shanice Parker, Australian Rugby Players


(8:39) 2015-16 World Rugby Sevens Series Tournament (Australian Champions)


(10:00) The Dalton Family - Brad Dalton, Karen Dalton


(10:30) Chloe’s Basketball Profile


(14:54) Sydney Swans AFL Club, Greater Western Sydney Giants AFL Club


(16:20) AFLW Grand Final, Carlton vs Adelaide


(21:55) Sydney Academy of Sport and Recreation


(22:50) Warringah Rats/Ratettes


(24:18) (39:34) Charlotte Caslick, Queensland Rugby Player


(28:48) How did Australias’s Women’s Sevens Win Gold? Rugby Australia Piece


(32:30) Alicia Quirk, Olympics Women’s Sevens Gold Medalist

(32:44) Two Sevens Captains - Sharni Williams, Shannon Parry 


(34:36) Craig Twentyman, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Current Head of Athletic Performance at the Warriors. LinkedIn Profile


(34:44) Tim Walsh, Scott Bowen - Sevens Coaching Staff


(25:20) John Manenti, Current Sevens Coach


(37:05) Ellia Green, Australia Sevens Player


(43:10) Canadian Women’s Sevens Squad


(45:34) 2016 Olympics Sevens Final, Match Report


(49:01) Rachel Burford Rugby Bricks Podcast 


Chloe’s Work With Gender Inequality and Domestic Violence


(53:53) OurWatch - ‘Ending Violence Against Women’


(55:15) Carlton Respects - Carlton Program, a ‘Game Against Gender Inequality’


(57:34) Yiaya Next Door - A Story of Domestic Violence in Melbourne


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