Kicking Tee Buyers Guide 

Picking the right rugby kicking tee is just one part of your kicking journey. Most people go wrong based on the look of the tee or copying their favourite player (e.g people search for Dan Carter kicking tee).If you want do dive down the rabbit hole you can see the whole range of what people are looking for: 

  • Kicking stand
  • Ball tee
  • American Football Kicking tee
  • Kicking Platform

The thing is a tee is an extension of your kicking style. So whether or not this is your first nudge on the pitch or your lining up the game wining kick, the tee should always have the same feel. Rugby Bricks tees have their own unique quality that suits every kicking technique and are able to cradle the ball in any field condition.

If you are looking for the best tees on the market you have come to the right place. Each of the Rugby Bricks tee are individually designed to expose the sweet spot on the ball to increase the consistency of your kick every training, game or fun at the field.

To find out why maximising the sweet spot on the ball is so important for the tees functionality then you check out more on these topics:

  • Accurate kicking 
  • Improving distance on a goal kick
  • Timing of the strike 
  • Technique & repetition 

4 factors when selecting a correct rugby kicking tee

When selecting your choice of kicking tee there should be 4 main components to look at which are: height, material, stability and ball grip. (The aesthetic value is always a bonus but not essential). All of these 4 aspects need to be perfect to improve your kicking ability. 

When selecting your rugby kicking tee you should look: 

  1. Stability & balance
  2. Grip & Ball Placement
  3. Height of the tee
  4. Material of the stand

The aesthetic value is always a bonus but not essential. All of these 4 above aspects need to be thought about which will help you on your kicking journey., so let’s discuss them in details one by one:

Stability & balance on the rugby field

 Whether it's a rainy, windy day or a dry field should not change the way the tee sits on the ground. No kicker wants to be in the middle of their run up and have the ball fall off the tee as you're about to strike. So when making the decision about what tee to use, consider how the ball sits on the tee in various weather & pitch conditions. All Rugby Bricks tees are specially designed to accommodate all conditions, see full range here: 

Rugby Ball Grip & Placement 

One of the most important aspects of choosing the right kicking tee. Having an exposed sweet spot on the rugby ball minimises the margin of error a kicker will have when goal kicking. In a way it’s making the art of goal kicking easier as the sweet spot allows you to kick with consistency and precision. The Rugby Bricks tees have been hand designed to make sure this feature is perfect for any technique.

If you are not sure where your kicking sweet spot is, discuss it with Peter Breen during our Online Rugby Goal Kicking Review or up-skill during our 12 week rugby goal kicking program. 

Height of Ideal Kicking Tee

 If you a lack in height like Mitch Hunt or tower over people like Jordie Barrett then your tee height will differ. Most of the time the taller you are the higher kicking tee you should use and vice versa. This at the end of the day will come down to personal preference and may take a bit of experimentation. Important piece to note is that you don’t want to be changing the tee constantly throughout a season as this will affect your performance.

You can get your technique reviewed online personally by Peter who will give tips and a recommendation on the type of tee to use. 

The height of the kicking tee and design will totally depend on your personal preference and the correct kicking mechanics. You can get your technique reviewed online personally by Peter who will give tips and a recommendation on the type of tee to use. Experimentation on different tee heights is a great way to find what best suits you, but be careful not to change the tee often as this can cause inaccuracy and flaws in your technique.

Low Kicking Tee (popular Rugby Union kicking tee)

(Height - 76 mm, Width - 154 mm)

A commonly used kicking in rugby. A low kicking tee tends to be the most balanced and stable as it has a low centre of gravity and is less affect by the weather conditions. This sized tee also is said to be ideal for power kicking which is ideal for strong kickers. The only downside to a low tee is that it’s so low to the ground you have to be quite an experienced kicker to make pure contact with the ball every time without dragging or clipping the ground on the follow through. 

  • Hardest to learn as a beginner
  • Margin for error is high for a tall kicker.
  • Skilful kickers

Mid Kicking Tee (popular Rugby League kicking tee)

(Height - 92 mm, Width - 154 mm)

This is the most commonly used tee as it appeals for both high and low cut kickers and meets in the middle to suit both needs. Technically you don’t have to have long levers to use this tee and can be matched with any style of kicking which makes it perfect for amateurs and kickers just picking up the skill. 

  • Recommended for beginner kickers
  • Tee for kids
  • Most popular tee

High Kicking Tee

(Height - 112mm, Width - 154mm)

 High cut tees are less forgiving when striking the ball and in many cases can result in the ball skying up in the air. These tees tend to be used by veteran kickers that are typically quite tall or who kick  long distance. They do have the most ground clearance of any tee but then this also results in kickers miss hitting it or striking more of the tee than the ball.

  • Used for experienced goal kickers
  • Long lever kicking
  • Long range goal kicking
  • Professional kickers

Material - Vortex tee or Basic Plastic tee

Having a tee made from good material is an underrated quality of the tee and can sometimes be overlooked due to the aesthetic value of the tee or convenience. I know it may seem silly what the tee is made out of but it is an important aspect when choosing the right tee as low quality plastic tees tend to lose their shape or become damaged very quickly when using them frequently, which as a kicker is all the time.

The Rugby Bricks tees are made from thermoplastic which is a sustainable tough plastic that hold its shapes and can easily be manipulated and reformed. The soft aspect of the tees gives you more of a consistent strike of the ball as the tee is able to withstand the contact and power of the kick. Most other tees on the market lose their sturdiness and shape when they are constantly used which results in a new tee being purchased far too often. 

The RBVortex New Zealand made and designed for kickers who are looking to put the ball over with consistency and accuracy. 

The mid-ground height of the Vortex design was built to expose a larger sweet spot on the ball. The customised thermoplastic ball mounting head of the tee allows the kicker to place the ball anywhere from 25-75 degrees.

Used by Connor Murray of Ireland this tee is the ideal height for kickers who are looking to consistently hit the ball from any angle.

Final note

Goal kicking is a highly subjective skill and each player has their own unique technique that can’t be emulated by anyone else. This means that testing out the right tee is crucial for becoming an accurate and successful goal kicker. 

Choosing the right tee is not just making sure your kicking mechanics suit the tee physically but it’s also a psychological thing as you want to see the ball set up correctly and have that consistency. Making sure you take the time to experiment and test out different tees is very important for your goal kicking journey. 


Check out more information on the full range of Rugby Bricks Kicking tees, Peter gives a comprehensive look at how the tees were designed and what makes them the best tees on the market;

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Evening, my son is under 11 and the goal kicker for his team. The normal kicks in front untill the 15 meter mark is not a problem. He struggels with he ones from the 5 meter. Its if he donot generat power because its either just short or he pulls the kick. What can we do to improve his kickinv drom the side. Waiting your reply. Thanks in advance

Regards Jaco Hart

— Jaco