As a rugby player, you know that success on the pitch is a result of dedication, skill, and most importantly, constant practice. Today, we're introducing a game-changing tool that can take your training to the next level - the Rebounder Training Ball.

The Rebounder Training Ball is more than just a piece of equipment; it's a revolutionary training tool that has been tried, tested, and approved by some of the world's best rugby players, including Matt Toomua, Aaron Smith, and Charlotte Caslick.

Why Choose the Rebounder Training Ball?

The beauty of the Rebounder Training Ball lies in its versatility. It's designed to be used with any rebounder ball, allowing you to control the speed and direction of the ball. This not only improves your passing and catching skills but also enhances your vision and decision-making abilities on the field.

The included Rebounder Training Ball program (a Rugby Bricks exclusive) offers eight unique video-based drills that cater to every aspect of your game, from offloading to hip passing power.

Benefits of the Rebounder Training Ball


  1. Increased Speed and Accuracy: The drills designed for the Rebounder Training Ball help you to increase your passing speed and accuracy.
  2. Improved Vision: By using the Rebounder Training Ball, you can improve your peripheral vision, an essential skill for any rugby player.
  3. Guided Training and Tracked Sessions: The program offers guided training and tracks your sessions, helping you monitor your progress over time.

Training Like a Pro With the Rebounder Training Ball

To make the most of the Rebounder Training Ball, consistency is key. Incorporate the drills into your regular training routine, and you'll soon see improvements in your game.

Remember, the best players are those who are willing to put in the extra work when no one else is watching. With the Rebounder Training Ball, you can be that player.


The Rebounder Training Ball is more than just a training tool; it's your ticket to becoming a better rugby player. Whether you're a coach looking to improve your team's skills or a player wanting to stand out on the pitch, the Rebounder Training Ball can help you achieve your goals.

So why wait? Take charge of your rugby development today with the Rebounder Training Ball.


Ready to take your skills to the next level?

Elevate Your Game with the Rebounder Ball. Whether you're a prop, a scrum-half, a winger, or anywhere in between, passing is an essential skill that transcends every position on the field. From rookies to seasoned pros, this ball is designed to push your limits and redefine your performance.

The Rebounder is your ultimate partner for honing those passing abilities and adding another facet to your game. It could be a lineout throw, spot-on passes, or even an offload, the rebounders is able to assist it all areas.

Train anywhere, anytime: The Rebounder Training ball is your all-weather, all-terrain training companion. Perfect for solo practice sessions or team drills, indoors or outdoors. 

When you grab yourself a 'Rebounder Ball' you'll also receive The 5 Basics Of Passing You Must Know &  The Rebounder Ball Training Program for FREE, which will help you develop a world class pass and train like a pro!

Peter Breen