Firstly, we can't wait to launch our first NFT on Friday the 17th of September 2021 and we wouldn’t have been able to get this across the line without the ongoing support of our community and the interest in the project so the thanks goes out to the Rugby Bricks community. 


This episode of the Rugby Bricks podcast is a bit different. The podcast strays away from its usual rugby theme and dives into the cryptocurrency and NFT world to get you excited for the release of our first Rugby Bricks Gold Rare Mid Cut NFT this Friday. 


The two brains of Rugby Bricks share their knowledge in the digital asset space and educate you on why it’s important and how it will work. If you’re into rugby and looking to understand the future of the space of how we see this working this podcast is just a glimpse. We dive into:

  • How Rugby Bricks has created a strong fan and customer base by creating extra value in their products and overdelivering on the new project launches.


  • The reason behind creating an NFT in the first place and how the artwork and production of the new launch came to fruition.


  • Why the NFT space is taking over and how cryptocurrency will change the way we pay, trade and create value within the digital world in the future.


  • Examples of the benefits of owning an NFT and what we can expect from large companies and how they will change the game using digital currency.


This will be our first of its kind Rugby Bricks NFT giveaway. With every kicking tee purchased on Friday via our online store, only ten customers will be receiving one of these limited edition Rugby Bricks Gold Rare NFT's at random. The holder of this NFT will receive annually a Rugby Bricks Limited Edition Gift Pack that is not for purchase on any other platform.

Watch our latest @rugbybricks YouTube Video titled - What Are NFT's and How Do They Work?




This episode is bought to you by the new limited edition Rugby Bricks Gold Rare Mid Cut NFT releasing this Friday 17th of September 2021. 

There will only be one of twenty Rugby Bricks Gold Rare Mid Cut NFT's that will be only available to be gifted from the team at Rugby Bricks to those who meet the criteria to receive them. You don't want to miss out this Friday. 

Peter Breen