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When you create a foundation for a new home, you start by laying one brick on top of another. You lay down the individual bricks as a one small but crucial piece of the framework that creates success for the rest of the build. This analogy holds true for almost all things in life, whether you are building a new relationship, a new mindset, or, in this case, a new business.

Peter Breen is the founder of Rugby Bricks, a business that is dedicated to helping lay the bricks of knowledge to train, foster, and create world-class rugby players on and off the park. Breen, a former professional rugby player, personal trainer, and ambitious coach has turned his love for footy into a world-class coaching clinic and business. Finding his feet through launching his business on Instagram, Breen told me how he turned his love of all things rugby into a business that now impacts players and coaches on the professional pitch.

1. Understand That Passion Drives Persistence

paper published in 2007 described perseverance and passion for long-term goals as “Grit” (a non-cognitive trait, measuring persistence) of equal or more importance than IQ and talent. Breen understood this from the beginning and knew that if he was to build something that was going to last, he would have to be passionate enough to make it through the tumultuous ride that comes with starting a new venture.

When it’s something you are passionate about, you really give it your all, and that means doing all the things you’re scared of and giving it a real crack to make sure that you’ve put in your best effort. That passion makes you keep going because you love what you’re doing even when it gets tough,” said Breen.

The Rugby Bricks page started with 37 followers and, as of writing this, it is just shy of 37,000 followers. The first post went live in May 2017, and we’re only writing the beginning of this success story 18 months later. Just like in sport, you’re going to need to make sure you love what you do because you’re going to need to persist at doing it day in and day out.

Rugby Bricks Instagram

99% of the work you do is going to be behind the scenes, and if you’re not passionate, you’re not going to be able to persist when the rubber meets the road and you start to lose traction.

2. Look For Advice Outside Of Your Own Backyard

When we’re starting out, most of us are narrow. We’re narrow in our relationships, we’re narrow in our interests, we’re narrow in our skills, and, worst of all, we’re narrow-minded. In business, most success comes from leveraging the learnings of those around you and thinking differently from others. This is where Breen found his endurance and insight to launch Rugby Bricks.

“When I started Rugby Bricks, I a found a lot of ex-pro players talking about their career and no one was listening. I knew from listening to people like Gary Vee that there was a hole that others hadn’t explored, and that hole was exposing players to the skills needed to be a professional footy player. I was unsure if I was doing the right thing, but it’s very reassuring listening to people who are outside your normal sphere of influence say that you’re on the right path,” said Breen.

The truth is a lot of people tell you what can’t be done out of their own fear or insecurity, even if it’s well-meaning, or for your safety. This is why you need to look outside of your friends and family to find the knowledge you need to succeed. Sticking to the straight and narrow won’t help you all of the time, and that’s why it pays to find inspiration from those outside of your own network.

You get better by knowing more, and that means getting exposed to what you don’t know from those who do know.

3. Get A Mindset That Wants To Be Better

If we’re honest, most of us could be doing more. We could be learning more, we could be working more, and we could be making a mind that wants more. Progress comes from being willing to challenge your thoughts. Breen was a personal trainer and knew he needed to learn more, and so he spent time with physiotherapists to bring extra knowledge to what he was teaching with Rugby Bricks.

“I have a bit of social anxiety about getting in front of people, but it’s amazing how good of a problem solver you become when you doing something you’re really keen on. You need to be open to having a mindset that gets you outside of your comfort zone and knows that there is always more you can be doing,” said Breen

Rugby Bricks Instagram

Your mindset is your starting point, and it determines your success. Your success depends on how much effort you want to put in, and that all starts with adopting the right attitude to changing how you think. If you want to be better in business, you need to have a better mindset.

Breen’s success as a professional player and professional come down to being passionate about being better and making sure that he has done everything in his power to make that happen. The tactics he has shared are the same that all high performers share, and they were built upon each other, brick by brick.

Peter Breen