Zara Fa’avae is the new CEO of Rugby Bricks. Her expertise has given her the opportunity to work with some of the world's best sports brands, including Nike, Adidas, New Era and more. Zara’s talent has led to some amazing interactions with some A-list celebrities including Kayne West when he came to New Zealand for an Adidas event. 

Zara has had an accomplished career becoming the manager of Stirling Sports and now taking the role as CEO of Rugby Bricks. Her skillset has already been put to work; she has taken the company to new heights and will continue to grow the brand and the business into the future with her creative and innovative mind and work ethic.  

In this episode, we learn what journey Zara has taken to reach her level of success and what she has learnt from joining the Rugby Bricks team. We dive into:


  • The future of Rugby Bricks and a look into the ongoing projects and products we create and develop.


  • Understanding the importance of culture and a positive team environment and how it turns into creative and innovative ideas.


  • How Zara met Kayne West and what she learned from that experience. 


  • Why storytelling and having a positive ethos within a brand is crucial to an evolving and striving business.


  • How the world’s best sports brands stay at the top of the game through storytelling and creating lifelong customers. 


This podcast is a great reflection on how far Rugby Bricks has come as a brand and how things are heading in the future. With the inclusion of Zara in the business we are able to rapidly develop as a company and give you insights into the direction of Rugby Bricks. We share some secrets and great stories about how we have gotten to where we are today and what’s next.

If you are a Rugby Bricks fan or striving entrepreneur, then this podcast has all the insights to give you the confidence to take the leap to the next level and get you excited for the upcoming product releases and project launches.

Joe Coventry