Mike Friday is a former national representative for England sevens and has coached England, Kenya and the United States sevens team.

Friday's work as a head coach has led Kenya and the US to their best performances in the HSBC World Rugby Sevens series. The U.S. and Friday began the 2015–16 Series by "shocking the world" when it defeated New Zealand for the first time at 2015 Dubai Sevens. The team beat the 12-time World Series champion in pool play and again in the tournament's third-place match. Their biggest win came in 2018 when they won their first tournament on home soil and are now known as one of the most dangerous sides in the tournament. 

This podcast is our first masterclass in the game of Rugby Sevens and we cover: 

  • The art of nurturing and understanding players and their personalities by mixing the soft and hard skills of coaching

  • How he developed the success and turn arounds of both Kenya and US sevens rugby 

  • The speed boys of the US we cover Carlin Isles (the world's fastest rugby player) and Perry Baker who have both been the highest try scorers for a season in the World Rugby Sevens tournament 

This one is an absolute masterclass on coaching, player cultivation and understanding how to give the 110% effort and develop the mental game for Sevens and Fifteens. 

If you know anyone involved in coaching or sevens send this one on to them as they're going to love this episode. 


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Background Info


(0:28) HSBC New Zealand Sevens Tournament in Hamilton (January 2020)


(3:28) Spain Sevens Team


(3:31) Ireland Sevens Team


(5:25) China Women’s Sevens Team


(6:32) Mike’s USA Sevens Team


(16:28) (28:01) Mike Friday on the House of Rugby Podcast


(19:56) (1:12:36) Tony Roques and Phil Greening - Mike’s Assistant Coaches


(22:30) (38:37) Mike Discusses Coaching the Kenya Sevens Team


(27:03) Warren Gatland, Worldwide Acclaimed Coach


(28:02) Mark Rigby, Current President of the Wasps RFC


(38:18) Scott Robertson, Head Coach of the Crusaders 


(45:37) Kasarani Sports Complex, Kenya


(46:34) Craig White, Rugby Conditioner


(46:47) Chris Brown, USA Women’s Rugby Sevens


(50:01) 2012 Gold Coast Sevens Tournament


(50:43) Mike’s Coaching in Detail on The Rugby Site


(50:51) Tony Brown, Highlanders Coach

(52:28) Kenya’s 2012/2013 Sevens Achievements: Sevens World Cup 2013, 2012-13 IRB Sevens World Series


(52:37) Kenya Win the Sevens World Series 2016


(52:59) New Zealand vs Kenya 2013 Wellington Sevens Semi Final


(56:30) USA Rugby Financial Problems 


(1:02:36) USA Looks to Hosting Future Rugby World Cups to Ease Financial Strain


(1:06:11) Carlin Isles and Perry Baker, USA Rugby Sevens Players


(1:09:54) Perry Baker 100m Try Against Fiji 

More About Mike