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Hi im Henry denehys friend can u get a free high cut tee rb vortex

RB Vortex High Cut Kicking Tee

Excellent! My son absolutely loves it and has been out kicking every spare moment!
Highly Recommend product and company service! Thanks


so hard

RB Wolf Kicking Tee
Linda Addison
My grandson

My grandson loves it.

RB Vortex Low Cut Kicking Tee
Joaquin Roccatagliata
it hasn’t arrived home yet

I don’t know what happened yet, but the kicking tee hasn’t arrived home yet. Maybe it is at the customs in the airport. A friend of mine told me that the customs send you an email to make you pay a tax. If you know something about this, please notice me. thanks

Mid Cut

Thank you

a fucking mazing

this is really good

This is the tee for YOU!

Absolutely awesome tee with excellent rubber technology and height for long distance kicking

Amazing tees which I could have one

I wish I could have one of these tee but I am not aloud I see my friends making sideline kicks


The tee is amazing haven’t seen my kicking this good in years always stays in shape and love the look of it, just a bought a new one ahaha

Brilliant product

The rebounder ball is brilliant, allows my daughter to do some passing training by herself on the fence. Also it teaches good hand positioning which she was struggling with when passing the ball. She used to hold the ball with a hand on each end, but now has strengthened her pass by being forced to hold the ball correctly.

Best rugby tee in the world you should bring out more colours for people to buy

Such a good tee, my kicking has improved heaps and I will keep buying these tee’s forever. Already on my 2nd one


Great tee

RB Vortex Mid Cut Kicking Tee
Best kicking tea I’ve ever bought. I’ll never use a different one again
Best kicking tea

They’re the best kicking tees ever

Best tee ever

Feels so good when you kick

Never received

Great products


C’est beau

Caleb Campbell
Rebounding ball

Fantastic helped me with passing a lot

Great product

RB Goal Kicking Journal
Reid Arensen NBO45490
Love it

Just received the T and journal- let the journey begin. Huge fans of both products here in Kenya!!

kicking tee

really good fast delivery it’s my 6th buying from these guys and have never let me down

RB Vector Training Ball Size 5

Big Brother of All kicking Tees