We are excited to share what’s been happening behind the scenes in 2023. There’s been a whole lot happening already and even more to come. Peter Breen has been busy and shares his most recent experiences and learnings while coaching some of the top teams in rugby and the NRL, which include the Bulldogs, Saracens & Harlequins. 

Along with his time at these clubs, he has also been given the opportunity to coach at the international level with the Georgian national side during their European Championship campaign. Coaching at this level has helped Peter grow and develop as a person and as a coach. He discusses the importance of personal development and self-reflection, and how these practices helped him become a more effective coach.

If you’re a player, coach or Rugby Bricks supporter, then this podcast has all the insights and key learnings to help your team on and off the field. We dive into: 


  • The cultural differences in the team environments when coaching top-tier teams from around the world and how they each work in their favour.


  • The reason why the Bulldogs practice breathing exercises at least once a week to help increase mindfulness.


  • A look into what’s in store for Rugby Bricks in 2023 as we ramp up our apparel and product lines to cater for our customers.


  • Peter’s experience and learnings on getting to spend the week with the Harlequins and Sacarens a couple of the most successful English premiership franchises


  • How Peter has created a passing & skills culture within each of the teams he’s coached and how it has excelled their skillset in these areas.

This podcast is a great insight into the direction of Rugby Bricks in 2023, with new developments and launches that are happening this year and what's to come in the future. The learnings you can take away from this podcast are limitless and can be used to develop you as a coach or player.

Please enjoy this educational and enlightening episode with none other than the two founders of Rugby Bricks Peter Breen & kale Panoho. 

Peter Breen