High kicking in rugby is a crucial skill that can give a team a significant advantage in the game. Developing a great high kick can help players gain territory, contest possession, and put pressure on the opposition. In this blog post, we will teach you how to perform a high kick effectively and efficiently.

Understanding the High Kick

The high kick in rugby is a tactical tool used to gain territory, contest possession, and apply pressure on the opposition. There are different types of high kicks, such as the box kick, up-and-under, and bomb. Each type serves a specific purpose and is useful in various situations on the field.

The Fundamentals of High Kicking

Having a strong foundation in basic kicking techniques is essential for mastering the high kick. Rugby Bricks offers a 12-week rugby goal kicking program that can help players develop their kicking skills. Additionally, the Goal Kicking 10 Pillars Classroom Module provides valuable tools and resources to further enhance your kicking abilities.

High Kick Technique

To perform a high kick effectively, follow these steps:

  1. Proper stance and body positioning: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your body slightly angled towards your target.
  2. The approach and foot placement: Take a few steps back and then approach the ball at a slight angle, planting your non-kicking foot beside the ball.
  3. The swing and follow-through: Swing your kicking leg through the ball, making contact with the top part of your foot, and follow through with your leg extended.

Practice and repetition are crucial in mastering the high kick. To improve accuracy and consistency, visualize your target and focus on the ball's trajectory during each kick.

Strength and Conditioning for High Kicking

A strong lower body and core are essential for generating power in high kicks. Rugby Bricks' Strength & Conditioning Rugby Kicking Program focuses on developing single-legged stability, strength, and explosive power. This program has been used by professional players, such as Wallaroos half-back Georgia Corms and the Melbourne Rebels U19 training group.

Learning from the Pros

Top rugby players, such as Beauden Barrett, Richie Mo'unga, and Hayden Parker, have mastered the art of high kicking. By watching and learning from these players, you can improve your high kicking skills. The Rugby Bricks Podcast also offers insights and tips from professionals in the rugby world.

Mastering the high kick in rugby is essential for any player looking to gain a competitive edge. By practicing and utilizing the resources provided by Rugby Bricks, you can improve your high kicking skills and contribute to your team's success. Sign up for the 12-week rugby goal kicking program and explore other Rugby Bricks tools and resources to take your high kicking game to the next level.



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