Here's five things you need to know about the RB Vortex Kicking Tee and why an RB Vortex kicking tee from Rugby Bricks is a smart choice for any aspiring rugby player or kicker. These kicking tees, designed and manufactured in New Zealand, offer a range of features that enhance kicking performance and provide a personalized experience for athletes. So, let's explore the benefits of the RB Vortex kicking tee.


Reason 1:

A Family of Tees The RB Vortex kicking tee family consists of three variations: low cut, mid-cut, and high cut. Each tee is designed with precision and caters to the unique preferences of kickers. The low cut tee stands at 76 millimeters, the mid-cut at 92 millimeters, and the high cut at 112 millimeters. This range ensures that players can select the tee that best suits their kicking style and requirements.

Reason 2:

Expert Craftsmanship When developing the RB Vortex kicking tee, Rugby Bricks collaborated with a skilled professional in Dunedin, New Zealand, who understood the intricacies of rugby and the kicking process. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, including 3D printers, the design was carefully honed to provide optimal performance. The tee's aesthetic appeal was a crucial consideration, as Rugby Bricks aimed to create a visually pleasing product that kickers would be proud to use.

Reason 3:

Perfect for Beginners For those new to kicking, the RB Vortex mid-cut tee is an ideal starting point. This tee, which happens to be the bestseller, ensures that beginners can focus on learning the skill without unnecessary frustration. The design of the tee facilitates a clear visual alignment when setting up for a kick, helping kickers develop consistency and confidence. Countless testimonials from beginners attest to the positive impact of using the RB Vortex mid-cut tee.

Reason 4:

Innovative Design Features The RB Vortex kicking tee boasts two noteworthy design features. Firstly, the vortex design provides enhanced strength and stability to the tee, offering a tangible sense of quality when held. Additionally, the unique shape of the top of the tee is specifically designed to accommodate the irregular shape of a rugby ball. This design ensures that the ball can be securely positioned on the tee, accommodating various kicking styles and preferences.

Reason 5:

Extra Perks When purchasing an RB Vortex kicking tee, customers receive not one but two additional items. Along with the kicking tee, they receive an authentic New Zealand-made sticker, proudly displaying the origins of the product. Furthermore, customers receive a Rugby Bricks Outwork Learn wristband. The wristband serves as a daily reminder to put in the hard work required to achieve success while emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and improvement.

Investing in an RB Vortex kicking tee from Rugby Bricks provides kickers with a range of benefits, including personalized options, expert craftsmanship, and innovative design features. Beginners can kick-start their journey with the RB Vortex mid-cut tee, while professionals can rely on the quality and performance of these tees. 



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