The State of Origin series is one of the most anticipated events in the rugby league calendar. It's a fierce competition between two Australian states, New South Wales (NSW) and Queensland, which draws millions of viewers and thousands of spectators to the games. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the State of Origin series, its impact on the rugby league community, and one of its star players, Valentine Holmes. This year, Rugby Bricks took it’s debut in the series with Valentine Holmes and we couldn’t be more excited to be part of this incredible event and to help players like Valentine Holmes reach their full potential.


The State of Origin Rugby League Series

The State of Origin series is an annual best-of-three rugby league competition between the New South Wales Blues and the Queensland Maroons. The series began in 1980 and has since become a highlight of the rugby league season, with fans eagerly anticipating the fierce rivalry between the two teams.

The games are played at various venues across Australia, with each state hosting at least one game. The series attracts significant attention from both the media and the public, with millions of people tuning in to watch the games on television and thousands attending the matches in person. In fact, the State of Origin series has been known to draw crowds of over 80,000 spectators, making it one of the most well-attended sporting events in Australia.

The State of Origin series is not only a thrilling spectacle for fans but also a crucial event for the development of rugby league players. The high-pressure environment and intense competition provide players with invaluable experience, helping them to grow and develop their skills on the field. Rugby Bricks is proud to support the State of Origin series and the talented players who participate in it.


Valentine Holmes

Valentine Holmes is a talented rugby league player who has made a name for himself in both the NRL and the State of Origin series. Born on July 24, 1995, in Townsville, Queensland, Holmes began his professional rugby league career with the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks in 2014. He quickly became a household name, known for his speed, agility, and ability to score tries.


Holmes made his State of Origin debut for the Queensland Maroons in 2017, and his impact on the field was immediately evident. He scored a remarkable five tries in his first three games, setting a new record for the most tries scored by a player in their debut series. Holmes has continued to be a key player for the Maroons, earning numerous accolades for his performances in the State of Origin series.

In addition to his success in the NRL and State of Origin, Holmes also represented Australia in the 2017 Rugby League World Cup, where he set another record by scoring six tries in a single match against Fiji. This incredible achievement further solidified his status as one of the most exciting and talented players in rugby league.

Milestone For Rugby Bricks - Showcasing On The Biggest Stage

Rugby Bricks has dominated within the Rugby Union world over the past 5 years and has had the likes of Quade Cooper, Aaron Smith, Romain Ntamack, Damien Willemse and many more using the tees around the globe. Now Rugby Bricks has just cracked the NRL space, not only that but we have been featured through the 2023 State Of Origin series the biggest stage of them all. Being exposed and highlighted has been an honour for Rugby Bricks as this is the most prestigious rugby league events in Australia, it also attracts a massive audience and garners significant media attention.

Not only has Rugby Bricks featured but the star player & goal kicker Valentines Holmes is using the tee for his own personal use, along with his long line of accolades he is also the best kicker in the NRL making it even more fitting to represent Rugby Bricks and use their products.

This event has allowed Bricks to reach a wider range of rugby enthusiasts, including players, coaches, and fans from both New South Wales and Queensland. It has provided a platform to showcase the brand's products, with highly engaged and passionate audience.

It has been a massive year already for Bricks and a pivotal moment for the brand leading into a Rugby World Cup year as well. The goal is to contribute to the growth and development of rugby in Australia and the rest of the world, whether it's league or union.

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