Rugby is a sport that is known for its intense physicality, strategic gameplay, and the sheer passion of its players and fans. The World Rugby Rankings provide a snapshot of the relative strengths of the world's national teams, both in the men's and women's games. With the Rugby World Cup on the horizon, these rankings also provide a tantalising glimpse into the potential favourites for the tournament.


World Rugby Rankings

The World Rugby Rankings are a points-based system used to rank the men's and women's national teams in rugby union. These rankings are calculated using a points exchange system, where teams gain or lose points based on the outcome of matches. Several factors are taken into account, including the margin of victory, the relative strength of the opposition, and the importance of the match.

Current Men's Rugby Rankings

At the current time of writing, the men's rugby rankings are a reflection of the dynamism and competitiveness of the sport. The top five teams include New Zealand, South Africa, England, Ireland, and France. New Zealand, known as the All Blacks, are a powerhouse in world rugby, known for their skilful play and ruthlessness.

South Africa, the reigning Rugby World Cup champions, are known for their physicality and resilience. The Springboks' victory in the 2019 Rugby World Cup, led by their inspirational captain Siya Kolisi, was a testament to their strength and unity. This victory was not just significant in the rugby world but also resonated deeply within South Africa, symbolising unity and hope.

England, Ireland, and France, all northern hemisphere teams, have demonstrated consistency and flair in their performances. England's structured and disciplined approach, Ireland's blend of tactical nous and physicality, and France's unpredictability and flair make them formidable opponents are chomping at the ankles of the Southern Hemisphere teams to dethrone them as the power houses in the World Cup. 


Current Women's Rugby Rankings

In the women's game, the rankings tell a similar story of competition and skill. The top five teams currently are New Zealand, England, Canada, France, and Australia. The New Zealand women's team, known as the Black Ferns, are as dominant in the women's game as the All Blacks are in the men's.

England's women's team, the Red Roses, are renowned for their structured gameplay and resilience. Their recent performances indicate a team that is on the rise and could challenge the Black Ferns' dominance.

Canada, France, and Australia each bring unique strengths to the table. Canada's physicality, France's flair, and Australia's speed and agility make them exciting teams to watch.

England made it to the 2021 Women's World Cup final but New Zealand held them out in the dying minutes of the game to come out on top to claim their 6th title.


Rugby World Cup Favourites

Looking ahead to the Rugby World Cup, the current rankings provide some insight into potential favourites. In the men's game, New Zealand and South Africa will undoubtedly be among the favourites, given their history and current form. However, the beauty of rugby is its unpredictability, and teams like England, Ireland, and France will be looking to upset the odds as they have proven to be a formidable team over the recent 6 Nation & Northern tour series.


The World Rugby Rankings provide a fascinating insight into the state of international rugby. They show the strengths and weaknesses of the world's top teams and provide a starting point for predicting the potential winners of the Rugby World Cup. However, as any rugby fan knows, the game is full of surprises, and anything can happen when the whistle blows and the game begins. Regardless of rankings, the Rugby World Cup is sure to be a showcase of skill, passion, and the very best that rugby has to offer.


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