Bricks Back Pack

Ships February 25, 2024

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The Bricks Back Pack came from a problem we’ve all had while playing or coaching - juggling life and rugby. 

We’ve always found it hard to keep everything we need for training while keeping up with everything outside of rugby.

We know which is more important, but life has to keep up with rugby.

Here is what we’ve built to make sure our lives fit in around rugby: 

  • Water-Resistance Sleeves: Made with durable, water-resistant material, this backpack withstands the rigours of footy and beyond. Rain or shine, your gear stays dry.

  • Seam-Sealed Zippers: Our expertly designed zippers lock out moisture, safeguarding your essentials from the elements.

  • Dual-Purpose Laptop Sleeve: Seamlessly transitions from game day to life with an inner sleeve that doubles as a haven for a laptop.

  • Wet-Dry Separation Mastery: The bottom compartment is your solution to keeping boots or damp clothing isolated, ensuring the rest of your gear remains dry and fresh.

  • Strength in Handling: A sturdy, padded handle offers something you can scoop up or sling over your back.

  • Stay Hydrated: A dedicated drink bottle sleeve on the side means your hydration is always within easy reach.

  • Comfort in Every Strap: Soft, padded straps are designed for comfort and reducing strain.

  • Safety in Visibility: Reflective straps ensure you're seen and safe during low-light conditions.

  • Breathable Back Support: Mesh padding on the back offers breathability, keeping you cool and comfortable wherever you are going.

The Bricks Back Pack is tailored to support you from training to game day and everything in between.

We’ve got only 100 of these in stock, and they’ll go fast. Pick one up today. 

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The only thing that would make it better is a deeper laptop pocket, other then that, it’s the best