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Shipping Price

It is a shame that the shipping cost is so expensive, in my case $50 in Argentina, these tees are very good and I really see potential in Argentina, if that is fixed I am sure this would be the first brand.

Tee de Rugby RB Vortex Mid Cut

RB Vortex High Cut Kicking Tee
Don’t buy one they get it wrong for I got a high tee and thy gave me a short tee
One out of ten

They didn’t get the tee right after seven tries

I love your tees they are the best

Great tee

Great tee

Great job on the tee

Well design arrived in less than a week happy with the purchase keep up the great work guys

Good tee

It’s way better than super tees

High cut

Very good tee i love it improves you accuracy a lot

Speedy delivery!

Arrived super quick to NZ! Kicking tee is perfect for my boy! Great purchase ;)


Super fast delivery, son loves it thank you!

He's Back!

After a slump in his kicking and feeling quite down on himself, purchasing the Vortex Mid-Cut has brought joy back into kicking for our 9yo.

Happy 13th

As a request from my grandson he needed to have the best tee in the world. Color Red mid-range arrived in 2 days of ordering. Best present ever very excited to show off his present and the bracelet that came with it. Thank you for fast easy trade.

High cut 😁

I love the high cut tee first time I used it, it gave me another 5 meters and it makes my kicks straighter

Best tees of all time

Best tee ever once I got it I was like wow I used it and noticed a huge difference in my kicking I went from making 2/6 kicks a game to 3/3 most games I prefer mid cut more than high cut or low cut if anyone is gonna get a kicking tee I reckon they should get a mid cut

High cut

I love the high cut tee keep up the good work selling them👍

Best tee ever !!!!

I have used lots of kicking tees so far - but this one is by far the best!! All my mates have now purchased one as well!

Best Kicking tee

Best Kicking tee.
My conversion distance has increased by around 20%!!!

Best tee 👌

The RB Highcut has improved my kicking since I swapped from the supertee to the RB Highcut

Best kicking tee



Good tee for height but takes alot to get used to

Hits so nicely and far

The Rb Vortex High Cut is definetly my favourite kicking tee and has helped develop my kicking, as well as this it adds so much distance to kicks and helps you hit the ball in a nice spot everytime allowing for some great kicks. For definetly recomened from any intermiedate and experienced kickers

BEST kicking tees out there

Highly Recommend any RB VORTEX Low,Mid,High cut tees. All great tees. These tees along with great advice from videos mentoring by rugby bricks has helped me this season with my kicking in junior rugby league. It has taken my kicking game to a whole nother level. A+++ 👍

The kicking tee's look amazing but i wish i could buy one