Charlotte Caslick is a member of the Australian Women's Rugby Sevens Team. The team reaching the pinnacle when they won Gold in the Rio summer Olympics in 2016.
Caslick is a key member of the team has established herself as one of the best rugby sevens players in the world winning World Rugby Sevens Player of the year in 2016. In this episode of the podcast, we discuss:
  • What it takes to be a world-class sevens player and how he made the transition from age group touch rugby at 16 years old to the world rugby sevens stage

  • Missing out on selection due to an inconsistency in her tackling game and how she built upon this to be one of the best back sweeping defenders in the game

  • Charlotte's mindset on the field, showing energy through her effort and the impact that she can have on the team

  • Dealing with endorsement deals in the modern world of Instagram and influencing a generation on and off the field
I loved chatting through the cross over in skill development between touch rugby and sevens rugby, ball playing and manipulating defences.

This episode is must-listen for sevens fans and young players wanting to get to the top.
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(0:33) - Australian Women's Rugby Sevens ‘Gold Medal at Rio 2016 Olympics


(0:42) (14:47) - Charlotte Named World Womens Rugby Sevens Player of the Year 2016


(1:52) (33:24) Charlotte’s Endorsement Deals: Tradie, Land Rover


Episode Sponsor: Hudl - Performance Analysis For Athletes and Sport


(4:06) Rugby Bricks Ten Pillars of Goal Kicking Review 


(8:48) Brisbane State High School


(9:48) Tribe 7’s, Brisbane


(11:14) Scott Bowen, Tim Walsh - Australian Sevens Coaches


(13:33) Emilee Cherry, Alicia Lucas (Quirk) - Women’s Rugby Sevens Players


(16:30) Touch Rugby and Rugby Sevens Comparisons; ARU Introduce Combined Sport


(18:42) (56:52) Chloe Dalton, Australian Rugby Player


(22:36) Quade Cooper, Australian Rugby Player


(24:23) Charlotte Missing the Dubai Sevens


(27:08) Nathan Parnham, Women’s Rugby Sevens Strength and Conditioning Coach


(28:38) Charlotte’s Performance Returning from Injury


(33:20) Are Athletes Endorsements Worth it Anymore? Benzinga Article


(37:20) Charlotte’s Lampoon Profile (Summary of Endorsements)


(41:30) Charlotte’s Transition to Tackling in Sevens after Touch Rugby


(42:38) Chris Lane, First Full Time Australian Women’s Sevens Coach

(42:49) Rebecca Tavo, Former Australian Women’s Sevens Captain


(48:07) 2016 Rio Olympics Gold Medal Match Review


(50:20) Jonathan Thurston, Australian Rugby League Legend


(50:40) Emily Hopkins, Australian Touch Player


(51:47) Emilee Cherry, Australian Sevens Player


(56:59) Sharni Williams, Ellia Green, Australian Sevens Players


(58:39) ‘Fiver for a Farmer’, Australian Drought Relief Charity (Official Website)


(59:20) Charlotte and Lewis’ Fundraising Project ‘Fencing for Farmers’


(1:00:37) Townsville Floods


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