This episode of the Rugby Bricks podcast is a bit different. I'm joined by my business partner Kale Panoho who takes on the role of interviewer and we cover: 

  • How to deal with the lack of rugby right now physically and psychologically

  • How coaches and athletes that have lost their livelihoods can pivot to improve their skills 

  • Where we're headed at Rugby Bricks and the future of the business during this time 

  • How to grow your own Instagram and build a business around the game of rugby 

This episode is for those who are wanting to come out of the lockdown faster, better, stronger than when they went in. Never in our lives have we been presented with an opportunity to focus on improving without the pressure of a performance.

Now is the time to take that opportunity with both hands and work harder than you have before. This episode of the podcast we will give you the tools to do just that. 


Hudl - New Partnership 

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Due to Covid-19 and the shutdown of the NZ non-essential businesses, all tees will now only be shipped after the 29th of April, 2020. If you want to purchase a Rugby Bricks Tee please take this into consideration



(2:52) SkiErg - Indoor Fitness Machine


(4:06) Wallaroos 2020 Updated Fixture List


(4:12) Wallaroos 2019 Fixtures


(4:46) Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)


(8:37) U.S.A Rugby Files for Bankruptcy 


(14:10) Athletes Working from Home During Lockdown, a Gallery

  • Olympic Channel: Athletes Share Lockdown Home Workouts

    (16:56) Coaching Programs During Lockdown


    (18:30) Ben Mowen, Former Wallabies Captain


    (21:50) Rugby Bricks Instagram 


    (25:39) Steph Curry Shooting Training


    (25:56) Beauden Barrett No Dip Box Drill, Rugby Bricks Instagram


    (31:05) South African Rugby Player Practicing Stepping 


    (37:42) Pete Kicking 100m, Rugby Bricks Instagram


    (39:04) Hudl - Performance Based Video Analysis, New Rugby Bricks Partner


    (39:42) 10 Pillars Kicking Review


    (40:22) Rugby Bricks Home and Gym Passing Program (75% Off)


    (43:30) Rugby Bricks Two for One Kicking Tees (Code TWOBRICKS)


    (44:28) New Zealand’s Approach to Covid 19


    (44:52) Rugby Bricks Latest Kicking Tee Users:


    (45:20) Third Phase Podcast

    Kale Panoho