We are super excited to bring you our newest project. The Bricks Club is our new Facebook group where the goal is to give back to the community and the game. The two brains of Rugby Bricks talk through the creation of the Bricks Club and how it has become an interactive community for people to learn, engage and seek deeper information on rugby topics with like-minded people.

This membership gives you exclusive access to videos within the RB Bricks Club. Each week we post exclusive content from professional players, coaches and clubs from around the world. Listen to some of the world's best rugby minds explain strategies, game plans and drills they use in the professional game.

Our latest chat was with International referee Ben O’Keeffe who walked us through his review he had done for Scotland vs England game in the Six Nations. In this episode of the podcast, you will get a preview of the content to expect from joining the club, we dive into: 


  • How Rugby Bricks has created a strong fan and customer base by creating extra value in their products and overdelivering on the new project launches.


  • The reason behind creating an exclusive member group in the first place and what you will get out of being involved in the club. 


  • A sneak peek into the Bricks Club and the calibre of guests that are lined up in the future.


  • Peter’s experience and learnings on getting to spend the week with the Crusaders the most successful Super Rugby franchise.


  • Examples of the benefits of being a part of the group and how it can benefit your own coaching and playing ability. We look at stories and experiences that will typically never be seen by the public eye.


This podcast is a great insight into the new developments and launches that are happening this year and what's to come in the future. 2022 is going to be a massive year for the brand and we are excited to keep you updated with all of the projects and product launches that are coming soon. Kale and Peter share all of the innovative decisions that are being made.


 If you are a Rugby Bricks supporter or rugby fan then this podcast has all the insights to join and be involved in the brand more.



Bricks Club

This episode is bought to you by the new launch of the Bricks Club, head over to Facebook to learn more. 

The Bricks Club will give you access to the best rugby brains in the world and you will get an insight into the professional environment and see what it takes to be elite at that level. Every week a new piece of content will be posted with a different aspect of rugby explained and discussed in detail. Find out more here: 


Peter Breen


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