We are excited to announce this long-awaited launch in the UK & Europe. Rugby Bricks is now live in the UK & Europe with the full range of kicking tees in all colours and styles. We have been working hard to get this across the line to give you access to tees without all of the hassle of shipping costs, customs charges and courier delays. 

This episode of the Rugby Bricks podcast is a bit different. The podcast strays away from its usual rugby guest and will be a catch up on the latest news and next steps for Rugby Bricks in 2022. This will give you all of the information you need to stay updated with the brand and get on board our next project. 

Peter dives into the launch of the Rugby Bricks going live in the UK & Europe and how are now able to fulfil orders easily over that side of the world. It is a massive step for the company and has allowed us to cut up to 80% of the shipping and customs costs that is normally incurred from shipping to the UK & Europe from New Zealand. 

Peter discusses the main trends he is seeing within the rugby world and how some skill work is being neglected to some degree. The importance of all the other measurable pieces of training such as speed work & fitness should not be forgotten but ensuring you are practicing the basic skills that ultimately make you a better more rounded rugby player and stand out amongst the crowd.

The Bricks Club is our new Facebook group where the goal is to give back to the community and the game. Peter explains the creation of the Bricks Club and how it has become an interactive community for people to learn, engage and seek deeper information on rugby topics with like-minded people.

This membership gives you exclusive access to videos within the RB Bricks Club. Each week we post exclusive content from professional players, coaches and clubs from around the world. Listen to some of the world's best rugby minds explain strategies, game plans and drills they use in the professional game.


In this episode of the podcast, you will get a preview of the content to expect from Rugby Bricks in 2022, we dive into: 


  • How people in UK & Europe will get up to 80% reduced cost on shipping due to the launch of the distribution centre in the UK.


  • The reason behind creating an exclusive member group in the first place and what you will get out of being involved in the club. 


  • Why Rugby Bricks moved into the UK & Europe and what this means for the people in these countries.


  • The main trends Peter is seeing with rugby skill coaching in social media and across several clubs.


This podcast is an update on the moving parts happening for Rugby Bricks in 2022 and what is to come. We are excited to be able to make life easier to get your hands on the kicking tees without all of the delays & high costs. With the launch of the Bricks as we are stoked to see so many people join the club already and involve themselves in the group.

If you are a Rugby Bricks supporter or rugby fan then this podcast has all the insights to join and be involved in the brand more.

Peter Breen