In this episode of the Rugby Bricks Podcast, we have a bit of a change of pace where I'm interviewed by my business partner Kale Panoho. 

We cover: 

  • What I learned from working with the All Blacks Aaron Smith, Richie Mounga and Beauden Barrett

  • What some of the best things I've learned from the guests that I've interviewed on the podcast

  • The development of all of our tees from the RB88 through to the RB Wolf Plus 

  • What separates great players versus talented players at training and the love for detail

  • What the year has meant to us over at Rugby Bricks and saying thank you to you, our listeners as we wouldn't be here without you

  • What's the best advice I'd give to new players in the high school grade and what you should avoid 

This episode is a master class in the detail from working with All Blacks through to the guests we've had on the podcast and much, much more. This is one of our most detailed oriented episodes yet so listen to this on .75x speed and learn as much you can. 

Have a great Christmas and an even better new year!


Today's episode is bought to you by the team here at Rugby Bricks and the launch of the new RB Wolf +.

New Zealand made and designed for kickers who are looking to put the ball over from any distance on the pitch this tee is designed with maximal exposure to the ball surface. 

The new Wolf + design gives the kicker a clear sight of the sweet spot on the ball while holding the ball set up in an upright position.

The grip of the two front teeth and the two back walls on which the ball sits in combination with the thermoplastic material allows you to individualize how you place the ball on the tee whether that's upright or flat. 

Perfect for any low or mid tee kicker who wants to set the ball up vertical or leaning forwards at that lower height.

You can find the new tee here:




(1:11) Peter’s Work With the Australian XV’s Wallaroos


(6:57) (38:45) Rugby Bricks Kicking Tees Range


(8:49) K&J Growth, Rugby Bricks Business Partner (Kale)’s Marketing Agency


(10:01) (37:02) Aaron Smith Rugby Bricks Podcast


(10:04) Richie Mo’unga, Beauden Barrett - Current All Blacks


(11:28) Rugby Content with Aaron Smith, Richie Mo’unga - Rugby Bricks Instagram


(11:54) (14:08) Rugby Bricks 10 Pillars of Goal Kicking Online Review

(19:51) Richie Mo’unga Interview Prior to the 2019 World Cup 


(21:59) Rugby Bricks How to do No Dip Box Drill


(24:57) Rugby Bricks New Zealand Media Exposure 


(26:57) First Rugby Bricks Podcast


(28:37) Monty Betham Rugby Bricks Podcast

  • Monty Betham Bio


(36:08) Devin Markle Rugby Bricks Podcast

  • Devin Markle Bio


(36:47) Rachel Burford Rugby Bricks Podcast

  • Rachel Burford Bio


(37:23) Ben O’Keefe Rugby Bricks Podcast 

  • Ben O’Keefe Bio


(39:00) Hayden Parker, Sunwolves Player, Kicking Statistics


(38:45) Rugby Bricks Kicking Tees Range


(47:50) Chloe Dalton, Rugby Bricks Podcast


(54:30) Tony Brown, Scott Robertson - Experienced Coaches


(55:22) Alexandra Rugby Football Club 


(59:12) Melbourne Storm, Rugby League Team


(1:07:01) New Rugby Bricks RB Wolf + Kicking Tee


(1:12:30) Theraband (Resistance Bands), Rebel Sport Online Store


(1:15:49) Rugby Bricks Freeze Program 


(1:15:57) Understanding Sleep’s Role in Sports Recovery - Health and Sports Article

    Kale Panoho