Annika Jamieson is a rugby player currently campaigning with the Melbourne Rebels in the Super W. Annika loves playing rugby almost as much as she loves having a yarn. 

Annika has a double degree in Law and Arts, a Diploma of Legal Practice and is admitted as a Solicitor by the NSW Supreme Court. More recently, she has spent 3 years in corporate development and marketing for a Newcastle based spatial data analytics company. In her free time, Annika throws her energy into social media projects and is currently behind the Rebel Like Her channel promoting the Rebels Super W journey.

In this episode, Annika turns the tables and interviews me, here is what's covered: 

  • You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with so make sure you choose your tribe wisely

  • How to start an online business and how we've done this at Rugby Bricks 

  • The difference between coaching boys and girls 

  • How to offer cues on the pitch and the art of having a thrifty tongue 

This episode is a great episode if you're a coach who is looking to take their skills to the next level or somebody who is looking to get into the business of rugby. 

Please enjoy this wide-ranging interview with myself and Annika. 


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