Perry Baker is a member of the USA Eagles 7's and the highest-scoring American rugby sevens player having scored over 200 tries in Rugby 7's.

Baker has established himself as one of the best rugby sevens players in the world and has won the World Rugby Sevens Player of the year award alongside being named in the World Series Dream team in 2017 and 2018.

In this episode of the podcast, we get the nitty-gritty details on:

  • What it takes to be a world-class sevens player and how he made the transition from NFL to Rugby
  • How he went from sleeping in his truck, finishing 7 hour night shifts to go straight to training to get his shot at sevens
  • How he took his inspiration from some of the greatest players to play the game Dan Norton, William Ryder and Christian Cullen and how they think about speed in the game of rugby
  • Going deep about how he thinks about speed, tactics, finding and creating space for yourself

This is one of the best chats we've had to date and it shows the level of commitment, struggle and perseverance to become a world-class athlete. We're a time in the world where some of us are going to have to struggle to get through and this episode is a real-world example of that battle.

If you're anyone who is even remotely interested in Rugby this episode is for you - it has everything from skill detail to the hustle. We loved this one and we hope you will too.

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This week's episode is bought to you by Perry's clothing label, Baker Incorporation. It’s the gear that gives you the grit to never stop. 

Perry is also running sevens training camps in the upcoming summer. He will be having a skills camp in the summer for 3 weeks from June 15 til July 2, 2020. You can get a sneak preview of the camps here


(1:16) Perry Hitting 200 Tries with Teammate Carlin Isles


(5:17) Philadelphia Eagles, NFL team


(6:27) (14:50) Tiger Academy Ohio


(7:22) Alex Magleby, USA Rugby Coach


(11:04) Torn Meniscus Injury - Symptoms and Causes


(13:40) University of Florida


(18:08) James Walker, Paul Holmes - Tiger Rugby Founding Partners


(22:33) Chris Brown, USA Women’s Sevens Coach


(22:49) (26:58) Dan Norton (53:01), William Ryder, Christian Cullen 


(29:54) Respect in Rugby - Special Moments


(34:30) (53:46) Danny Barrett, USA Rugby Player


(35:40) (43:30) Mike Friday, USA Rugby Sevens Coach


(37:42) Cecil Afrika, South African Sevens Legend


(41:35) Ben Pinkelman, Stephen Thomasin, Danny Barrett - USA Sevens Players


(46:02) Nate Ebner, New England Patriots Player


(56:56) Tom Mitchell, English Sevens Player


(1:00:01) Carlin Isles, USA Sevens Player


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