RB 88 Kicking Tee


H 88mm
W 154mm

Low/mid tee. Soft feel, consistent height.

Built for perfect ball placement and dependable feel. The signature ‘RB 88’ takes inspiration from Otago’s Remarkables Mountain range and is trusted by the world's most accurate professional goal kicker, Hayden Parker. 

The ridgeline carved into the tee’s rear represents the ups and downs all kickers experience in their careers. Like Parker, eventually, after countless hours of practice, you will reach the summit.

Designed and made tough in Otago, New Zealand.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Came to this looking for a shorter tee it’s ok I guess should have got a mid cut but overall it’s nice

changed my life

when I was -5 years old . my dad gave me this kicking tee to kick with before my mum was born and I have been kicking with it for over 50 years. I'm now passing this tee onto my dog as I can't afford any dog food and it works a treat....... get it hahahahahha. Anyway yh long story short its the best tee in the world get it and buy like 50 because they go missing a lot.

Benji Godin McKerras
RB 88 kicking tee

Mean tee, I use the RB wolf tee but was looking for a little bit more distance for my kicks so I got the RB 88 tee and it is perfect for adding a little bit more distance to your kicking range

Hayden Barton-Coates
Started my sporting journey

I used this tee on a Saturday years ago. I was the star kicker for my rugby team. I decided to try a new tee designed for my kicking style. I ended up choosing this tee. It was my first kick of the game, i lined up from the 22 and got ready to kick the ball. I missed the ball and kicked the tee. at first i thought i only broke my foot but it took a turn for the worse. i spent 2 weeks in the local hospital and came out in the wheel chair. My legs could no longer to be used. My legs have been out of use for years. i found out about wheel chair rugby and decided to give it a go. I have now been selected to play in the paralympics for Nz. I only have this tee to thank for all of this.

Jae L
Rb88 / Vortex Mid

10 out of 10, Amazing tees. Very grateful that Peter has brought these to life. Thanks Pete and the RB team.